Sunday, January 2, 2011

oo Allah...

Subahanallah walhamdulillah walailahaillallahu wallahuakbar..lailahaillallahu muhammadur rasul ullah..Glory be to Allah, all praises to Allah, there’s no other god but Allah, Allah is the greatest.. I testify that Muhammad SAW is the prophet of Allah..thank You Allah for sending Muhammad SAW to mankind, thank You Allah for showing us mercy even though we often fail to see Your kindness..
Allah, i’m here because I need your guidance..
Allah,i need Your mercy..
Allah,i need Your help to send the message of Your existence to people so they may learn to be afraid of You and Your justice..
Allah,it hurts me so much that people are so blind to the truth and hurt one anothers’ feelings without even caring for the consequences they might face if they fall on Your bad list..
Allah,please help them see the true light,hence feel true happiness,thank You Allah.. Allah,please ease my heart and my mind..
Allah,please give me the strength and confidence to make a difference..
Allah,please remove the knot from my tongue so i may speak with love and mercy and knowledge that people understand..

thank You Allah for everything You gave me..You gave me soo much!! (^_^)