Thursday, June 24, 2010

about us !

i spend all my days here the same way
chilling out, relaxed and unconcerned
there are so many things to do
a lot of them impossible for me
it's totally overwhelming
but i'm always ready to do what i can
because everyone here has a smile on their face
i may not say it very often
but i really am grateful for my family and friends
the time we spend together is so special
i could never replace any of them
we've got this moment, we've got each other
stopping, standing and laughing together
I'm so thankful, i could cry
This feeling is so wonderful
it makes today seem like a wild dream
i promise you, i'll never forget it, my precious ones
who laugh with me, support me
and keep me going
this feeling is so wonderful, and keep me going
it makes today seem like a wild dream
i promise you, i'll never forget it, my precious ones
who laugh with me, support me
..and keep me going..

~Bleach Ending's lyric~

this lyric makes me going into my memories..
i really3 miss my friends....
especially jannah...
at Matri, sunday is amal jamaei day...
as a honourable leader of 5sc Fatimah :p ,
i would ask them to count 1 to 3...
1-clean the corridor
2-clean the shower
3-clean the toilet
unfortunately, we always get number 3..
"kita ni asyik dapat bersihkan jamban je kan"...
the stereotype statement that we always said at the moment we got number 3 :)

For all students of 5sc fatimah 2008...

did u still remember the yellow carpet??
the place that we had a mid-day nap,
we would struggle to obtain a space on the yellow carpet,
but sadly,
if i'm not mistaken, the yellow carpet only fit for 6-7 persons..
but i didnt mind...because i'm always be the fortunate one :)

thanks mr. yellow carpet..u gave me the best hug for my qoilullah..u will be my witness soon! :)

"Tidur sekejap di waktu tengah hari atau qailulah bukanlah satu perbuatan yang keji kerana Rasulullah pernah melakukannya."

Imam Ghazali dalam kitab Ihya Ulumuddin berkata,

"Hendaklah seseorang tidak meninggalkan tidur yang sekejap pada siang hari kerana ia membantu ibadah pada malam hari. sebaik-baiknya hendaklah seseorang itu bangun daripada tidurnya sebelum gelincir matahari untuk menunaikan solat zuhur."

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[['izzat ibrahim]] said...

ingat sahabt je yang berqailulah dalm kelas..
Sama2 menghidupkan sunnah.

bintufadeen said...

sahibah pun nk dapat pahala sama :)

seorang hamba said...

rindu kat 5 sc fatimah je ke??heh^_^..never mind.sje je.btw, mmg rindu sgt kat matri..x dpt qoilullah kat kelas, kat surau pun jaadi la +_+

bintufadeen said...

enin kn mmg suke qoilulah atas surau :)
kte rindu sume sahibah kte bias2 :D

Aeisha Insyirah said...

miss matri so much.. huhu well written :)

bintufadeen said...

well written??huhu
i'm still crawling on hands n knees la sir.. :D